One Day Theory Construction workshop

Dr. Ajay Kohli”s workshop on Theory Construction held on November 29 2018

Feedback from Participants

11/29/18, 6:43 PM – Ankur Srivastava:
A big Thank you to organizing team members of aim and iimc , & to prof kohli.
wonderful event , worth the travel Effort . Cheers Ankur

11/29/18, 7:01 PM – Sandip Mukhopadhyay IMT Ghaziabad:
Completely agree. Very useful, properly structured yet lots of open discussion.

11/29/18, 9:16 PM – Sunny Bose IBS Hyderabad:
It was a wonderful workshop. Thanks Prof. Shah. Awaiting for more such events in the future.

11/29/18, 9:22 PM – Sudeepta Pradhan IBS Hyderabad:
It was informative and thought provoking. Well managed. Thank you for the wonderful arrangement.

11/29/18, 9:44 PM – Vaibhav Shekhar ICFAI IBS Hyderabad:
One of the best workshops i have attended till date.
Wish we could have a more elaborate discussion with Prof. Kohli in the future(may be a 2 day workshop)Thanks

11/29/18, 11:32 PM – Ritesh Tiwari IBS Hyderabad:
Awesome Workshop! Thank you AIM!

11/30/18, 12:46 AM – Mukesh Kumar Mishra IBS Hyderabad:
its a great workshop.Thank you jayant sir for organising such a nice workshop.

11/30/18, 12:57 AM – Satya Dash:
Great workshop, humble professor and clarity on cenceot. Thanks to Prof Sheth and Jayantji

11/30/18, 2:46 AM – Paramasivan Sethuraman Sivakumar:
Great workshop!

11/30/18, 5:38 AM – Diptiman Banerjee JGBS:
The workshop was definitely useful for me. Prof. Kohli’s analytical process gave me lot of clarity in thinking. Thank you, Mr. Jay Shah, for arranging this workshop.

11/30/18, 5:49 AM – Diptiman Banerjee JGBS:
Also, please do keep on posting/ sending emails about upcoming workshops.

11/30/18, 9:37 AM – Satya Dash:
Thanks to Mr Jay Shah, Prof Ramendra for coordinating this wonderful workshop. I think these workshops are biggest contribution of AIM.

11/30/18, 9:40 AM – Diptiman Banerjee JGBS:
I totally second you on that, Prof. Dash!

11/30/18, 9:41 AM – Diptiman Banerjee JGBS:
A sincere thanks to Prof. Ramendra Singh and Ritika as well for arranging this so seamlessly!

11/30/18, 1:30 PM – Puneet Sharma:
Thanks Jayant Sir for organising wonderful event and also thanks to Prof Ajay who taught exceptionally well😊🙏🏻

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