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ASFRPC1-2019: Results

Marketing Analytics
Proposal No. Authors Title
56 Ritu Sinha and Trupti Karkhanis Information Overload and Consumer Confusion: Evidences from Millennial Consumer Using Visual Analytical Approach
52 Sunny Bose and Adipta Datta Application of online user generated data to study perceptions of services performances of various Indian airlines, and their outcomes thereof
Marketing Strategy
62 Priyanka Suresh From “Worst Experience” to “Faith Restored”– Service Recovery on Social Media Following a Double Deviation: Impact on Customer Outcomes
12 Ambika Prasad Nanda, Ranjan Banerjee and Om Narasimhan Pride or Pity: Role Of Self-image In Prosocial Behavior
Consumer Behavior
30 Gurbir Singh, Sanjeev Tripathi and Shruti Tewari Consumer Incivility: A Control Restoration Mechanism
32 Amogh Kumbargeri, Sudipta Mandal and Mansur Khamitov Wilt thou forgive that sin? – The impact of brand heritage on consumer responses to brand transgressions