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Call for Research Proposals with Grant – 2020 (Deadline Extended to July 31, 2020)

July 31, 2020

2020 Award Winners Announced

2020 Consumer Behavior
  • Priya Narayanan | Social Distance and Physical Distancing: Impact of Perceived Discrepancy in Distance on Adoption of Social Health Measures
  • Dr. Shveta Kalra, Prof. Kavita Sharma and Emmanuel Elioth Lulandala | Mobile Health Apps for sustainable health management
2020 Marketing Strategy
  • Isha Sharma, Kokil Jain, Abhishek Behl and M S Balaji | Charting the course for inclusive services: Perspectives from the differently-abled consumers
  • Dhrithi Mahadevan | Blows for You and Bows for You: An Analysis of Customer Experience Attribution in Access-Based Services
2020 Marketing Analytics
  • Tripti Mahara and Lakshmi Shankar Iyer | Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis to determine the online purchase behaviour towards wooden toys in India
  • Anuj Kapoor and Salil Khetani | Interplay between humour and credibility of online influencers and its impact on user engagement and willingness to purchase

Experience with AIM Sheth Foundation Grants

Earlier Grant Awardees
Professor Amitava Chattopadhyay
Professor Paul Baines


Call for Research Proposal in Marketing

Special Theme – Marketing for Better a World

Marketing can be a very helpful force to serve society. It is perhaps the most critical function for social causes, government programs for social development and for all NGOs’ initiatives.

Proposals focusing on theory development, empirical testing of theoretical frameworks and the examination of marketing practice as a force for good are all equally welcome.

Proposals are due by midnight, July 31, 2020, Indian Standard Time.

Maximum 6 (Six) proposal
Up to Rs.1,00,000 grant*

The Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM) is pleased to announce a call for research proposals in marketing with a focus on India. The proposals can be sole authored or co-authored. Especially welcome are proposals that are co-authored by teams of international scholars.

  • With a generous grant from the Sheth Foundation and AIM, we plan to fund up to 6 (six) high-quality re- search proposals in 2020. (A maximum of two proposals will be supported in each of the following three tracks – consumer behavior, marketing management and strategy, and marketing analytics)
  • The maximum funding for each selected proposal will be Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh rupees)
  • An author/co-author can submit only one proposal
  • Members serving on various AIM Committees cannot submit proposals

While authors have some leeway in structuring their research proposals, authors should strive to address the following in their proposals:

  1. Research Proposal Outline
    • Research proposal title
    • Statement of key research questions
    • Importance of research topic and research questions
    • Potential contribution of proposed research to marketing literature (substantive domain, marketing practice, theory and/or methodology)
    • Literature review  and theoretical background
    • Conceptual model (if applicable)
    • Hypotheses and conceptual rationale for the hypotheses (if applicable)
    • Overview of the proposed empirical research study
    • Appendix – Full CVs of all the authors
  1. Research Budget

Breakdown of estimated costs for various cost items (activities) related to proposed research.

Prior to submission, authors are strongly encouraged to carefully proof-read their proposal for typographical errors.

All submissions are through EasyChair’ please click on the link and follow steps to submit your proposal on Easy Chair platform
Academy of Indian Marketing

Track Co-Chairs:

1. Consumer Behavior Track

A. Prof. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Professor of Marketing, The GlaxoSmithKline Chaired Professor of Corporate Innovation, INSEAD, Singapore

B. Prof. Paul Baines, Professor of Political Marketing, Associate Dean Business & Civic Engagement, Marketing Division, University of Leicester School of Business, Leicester, UK

C. Prof. Subhadip Roy, Associate Professor, Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

2. Marketing Strategy Track

A. Prof. Cleopatra Veloutsou, Professor of Brand Management, Convenor – MSc in International Strategic Marketing, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

B. Jaysimha, K.R, Professor of Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Indore, India

C. Marketing Analytics Track

A. Prof. Renana Peres, Professor of Marketing, Jerusalem School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

B. Rajat Sharma, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

Submission Requirements:

For more details contact : Dr. Varsha Jain, Chairperson Committee (Professor, Integrated Marketing Communication, Co-chairperson, Fellow Program in Management, FPM, Doctoral Level Program, MICA, India) mail id: [email protected]


An important goal of the AIM is to encourage scholarly research with a primary focus on the Indian market and its consumers. Such research should result in high quality journal publications with potential for global visibility and impact. AIM is pleased to announce this call for research proposals with a focus on India. The proposals can be single- or multiple-authored with the focus on triple bottom line (profit, planet and people). New millennium goals set by United Nations have clearly written that the corporates that to take care of these bottom-lines especially while developing new products and breakthrough initiatives. Finally, marketers can enable the companies to think beyond profit seeking outcomes and deliver these goals. Especially welcome are proposals that are co-authored with one or more international scholars

A Committee of scholars in the marketing area will review each proposal. All submitted proposals will receive constructive comments/suggestions from the review team. This call is open to research scholars, and/or faculty members (regardless of title or rank) at AIM charter member institutes as well as other.

AIM, with a generous grant from the Sheth Foundation, hopes to fund up to six high-quality research proposals in 2020. The maximum funding for each selected proposal will be one-lakh rupees (INR 100,000). The submitted proposals must meet global standards to be considered for funding. As such, authors must ensure that their research idea, method, analysis and writing are of high quality. Authors can submit only one research proposal (single- or multiple-authored) for the 2020 funding cycle. In exchange for funding and constructive feedback, the grant recipients will be required to acknowledge the grant received from the AIM-Sheth Foundation and submit a working paper of publishable quality.

Submission Requirements

Authors must submit research proposals in English and in the MS Word format. Grant recipients are expected to send a progress report every quarter until the research project is published. The time limit for getting the funded research published is three years. If the grant recipients are unable to publish the paper (or get the paper accepted for publication) within three years after receiving funding, they will not be eligible to submit another research proposal in subsequent funding cycles. The funds for selected proposals will be released in phases: 25% upon proposal acceptance, with the remaining funds released based on the recipients’ needs to cover research-related expenses (e.g., for purchase of databases and analysis software, conducting field surveys or laboratory experiments).

Submission Details

Research proposals must include a cover letter, which will serve as an application form. The cover letter should include the research-project title as well as the name, affiliation, email address, contact phone no., and postal address of all authors. In the case of multiple authors, the cover letter should designate one author as the corresponding researcher for AIM. This designated author must be available to communicate regularly and liaise effectively with AIM.

Key Elements of the Proposal

The body of the proposal should not be more than three pages (1.5 spaced, Times Roman 12-font, with a 1-inch margin) long. Tables, figures and references can be included as additional pages. The proposal should be consistent with the APA style.

The proposal should succinctly state the rationale and motivation of the research along with the expected contributions at the beginning of the document. It should include relevant literature and make a strong case for how/why the proposed research (including any research propositions) is novel and likely to lead to significant new knowledge. The proposal should also include a description of the research design/ methodology and data analysis approach. Finally, the proposal should articulate the expected implications of the proposed work for future research, practice, and/or policy-making.

Proposal Format Requirements

  1. Three pages (excluding figures, tables, references, appendices)
  2. 1.5 spacing
  3. Times New Roman, 12-point font
  4. 1-inch margin from all the sides
  5. Page numbers Proposal title centered and bolded on the first page
  6. The time line with various stages of completion of research, from conceptualization until publication
  7. Budget with the outline of the expected expenses
  8. Expected outcomes (including names of journals likely to be targeted for publishing the research)
  9. Fully updated C.V.s of all applicants (as an appendix – research proposal)

Please submit your research proposals along with these documents no later than July 31, 2020. The selection committee for evaluating the submissions will consist of seven members, six co-track chairs and chairperson mentioned earlier.

Revised Timeline

  • Call for proposals: November 10, 2019
  • Deadline for proposal submissions: July 31, 2020
  • Communication of evaluation decisions and feedback to authors: January 31, 2021
  • Release of 25% funding to accepted proposals: February 28, 2021
  • Announcement of accepted proposals at the AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium, during 2021


July 31, 2020
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  • It is a great gesture of Dr Sheth foundation towards enhancing the quality of Research projects in the area of Marketing in Indian set up . We academicians appreciate

  • I am interested in marketing research project please send me guidelines

  • Anurupa B Singh
    March 30, 2020 2:25 am

    I am very much keen on submitting a proposal, can it be individual submission or to be submitted through the University where I work .

  • Tripti Mahara
    April 7, 2020 1:13 pm

    Please let me know if there is any particular format for making budget details.

  • I am looking forward to submitting a proposal. Should the proposals necessarily be on NGOs, CSR etc or can it be general marketing for betterment of consumers?

    • It can be on any topic related to three segment and one can submit in one segment which is most appropriate.

      Consumer Behaviour
      Marketing Analytics
      Managerial Marketing

  • Can we submit the proposal in pdf format as the word formatting might change with multiple versions.

  • Could you please tell me the timeframe for the project… Is there any limitations for the project to be completed(Any time frame is there like 2 years, 3 years like that)?

    • It should be completed preferably in one year but if there are unavoidable circumstances it should be completed as early as possible. We do not want to define the time line but the funds will be released in part depending on the progress of the project.

  • S Kalugasalamurthy
    April 23, 2020 12:46 am

    “Submission Requirements

    Authors must submit research proposals in English and in the MS Word format”

    Above, it is mentioned like this (MS word format). But while uploading through submission link it is asked for PDF. Please clarify . If it is PDF, also please clarify, whether all the sections (cover note, 3 page main body of proposal, appendices, CVs, timeline, budget, etc) be merged into one combined file. Thanks

    • Prepare proposal in MS word format convert it to PDF and upload on Easy Chair.  Except CV every thing should be merged in one pdf file (cover note, 3 page main body of proposal, appendices,timeline, budget, etc)
      CV data one has to submit in registration detail and not in proposal.

  • Can we submit proposals related to healthcare technologies

    • The proposal has to be in the area as specified like Consumer Behaviour, Managerial Marketing or Analytics. If your proposal on healthcare technology fits in above area you can submit.

  • Dr Srinivasa Murthy B.V
    June 6, 2020 11:48 pm

    can we submit proposal related to tourism Industry in karnataka state

  • Dr. Vijayalaxmi
    June 12, 2020 12:47 pm

    Sir, I am from Engineering background. Is I am eligible to submit the proposal?

    • Sure. But it has to conform to the guidelines. Please read guidelines carefully and if you think your proposal will fit in to one of the tracks you can submit.

  • Dr Hemanta Chakravarty
    July 23, 2020 8:55 am

    Sir….. My domain is agriculture marketing. Can I send my proposal?

  • Dhrithi Mahadevan
    July 31, 2020 3:08 am

    “Fully updated C.V.s of all applicants (as an appendix – research proposal)”

    According to this, it is mentioned to add CV as appendix to the proposal. So when we submit the our proposal, should we combine CV also in the same pdf file and upload? Or is there a separate registration link? Please could you share the link, if so?

  • We got a mail saying the file is not uploaded in an appropriate format. While the “Call for Proposals” asks for an MS Word document, Easy Chair is only allowing to upload a PDF file. Please help in resolving this issue.

  • Dr.Sangeeta Srivastava
    October 12, 2020 3:30 pm

    I would like to thanks to giving the oppertunity for new idea. As i am a academician as well as a NGO owner. i am keen towards Organic Agriculture marketing. Please provide me the Proper formate for proposal.

    • The proposal submission for 2020 the date is now closed. But you can vist the website for guidelines of submission for future reference in our forthcoming announcement for 2021 which is being worked out and will be announced in due course.

  • Dr. Shuvabrata Chatterjee
    October 25, 2020 10:42 am

    Hi, I have gone through your site thoroughly. Due you have any grant option for Geospatial (GIS & Remote Sensing) domain ? We are a newly formed start-up and registered under MSME too.

  • researcher_bhanu
    January 23, 2021 12:59 am

    There is no news or feedback to this grant 🙁

    • Reviewers are yet to complete review of all submission. Expected date is January 31. Hope it will be completed and results announced by January 31 or may be by Feb 15. The delay is due to corona pandemic.

  • Good Morning Professor,
    May i know the status of 2020 Proposal.
    I have applied for 2020 proposal contest.

    • Reviewers are yet to complete review of all submission. Expected date is January 31. Hope it will be completed and results announced by January 31 or may be by Feb 15. The delay is due to corona pandemic.

  • Good afternoon Professor
    Please provide update on 2020 submission
    . Sir I have applied for the grant.

    • Reviewers are yet to complete review of all submission. Expected date is January 31. Hope it will be completed and results announced by January 31 or may be by Feb 15. The delay is due to corona pandemic.

  • Dear sir,

    When call for proposal for 2021 will be released?


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